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3811Fw: Bogie Gluing Support

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  • henrix
    Oct 2, 2004
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      I thought this list was interested also. Again, this is 1:24 scale, but the
      principle is exact the same, which scale you use doesn't matter.

      /Henrik Laurell

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      From: "henrix" <henrix@...>
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      Sent: Saturday, October 02, 2004 7:04 PM
      Subject: [Extra-NG-Rlys] Bogie Gluing Support

      > Hi Guys,
      > In my last mails I been somewhat negative and/or dissappointed on my
      > progress with my bogies. But yesterday evening the simplest solution come
      > my mind, just make a simple drawing on a piece of paper and fix it to a
      > surface like foam or treetex (soft wood). After this put the pieces on the
      > drawing carefully fixing there position before gluing. Sounds so
      > but sometimes I need to re-learn old skills like this... Check the
      > attachments, maybe looks clearer on them. Second bogie was a 'brieze' to
      > make.. ;-)
      > First image ( Roebane_bogie_gluing_support.gif ) ;;
      > * the horizontal line follows the tracks. The evergreen 3.2mm (.125")
      > strips is glued along the red lines with space for a 4.8mm (3/16") square
      > tube inbetween them. Distance between the black crosses are 26mm (the axle
      > lines). Each strip is 15mm (when cut..). Complete bogie is 50mm long and
      > 40mm wide.
      > Second image ( Pict8426m.jpg ) ;;
      > * The lower left part is allready glued, the right side (under the
      > weight) is waiting for drying up. This way I know I will get each
      > absolute align with the frame, since each side follows the exact same
      > Note that I didn't cut the strips to exact lenght, I find it much easier
      > cut them with a fine scissor AFTER the bottom beam has been glued. This
      > I know I will get an exact match. You guys who has been modelling for a
      > time maybe do this better from the beginning, but for me (sofar) I find it
      > easier to do it like this.
      > * The fixture put on top of the weight is made for bending tipwagon
      > frames. When needed, I put it in a wise. With curves this big, there is no
      > problem with material breaking up. Also I do not get any problems with the
      > sides of a 'U' frame to split to the sides. This fixture did take some
      > to do, but it's worth it. I will use it making many small wagons - in
      > to come..
      > /Henrik Laurell
      > ps1! the attachments are also saved to the files/HL-04 folder, along with
      > some other pictures on "roebane".
      > ps2! "Roebane" is danish for Sugar Beet Railways.
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