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3698Doors and windows - and summer greetings

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  • Claus Nielsen
    Jul 6, 2004
      Hi all
      In the past many has sought a supplier for windows and doors. Almost all have pointed toward Grandt Line. Recently I visited an exhibition in Germany http://www.ig-modellbahn-schkeuditz.de/gaba04start.htm and found some very nice laser cut wooden window frames. While I still have to find use for the ones I bought, they look very good and adaptable. The wood is highly flexible and sturdy and allows you to easily adapt the window frame to any building. See for yourself:

      I will post a photo of the type of frame I bought as it doesn't seem to be on the site. I hope to be able to incorporate the windows in a large wooden building that could contain a gravel sorting facility - but as the demands on space outstrips my current and unfortunately also my soon to come future housing, it will be a very long term project!

      For those of you that are also building in larger scales than 1:35 note that laser cut kits for several German covered wagons are also available. See http://www.walliwinsen.de/gartenbahn/

      In just three days I will be on my three weeks summer vacation. After getting married this spring and having been on honeymoon, this holliday will be spent in a quiet summer cottage. I have two modelling projects planned: A Faun truck (to pull my trailer/excavator) and a French military flat - 9 m. long (an impressive 25 cm. long in 1:35). I hope to be back in three weeks time with photos of my progress. Have a nice summer!

      Claus, Denmark