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3617project started...finally!

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  • Charles Hansen
    Feb 4, 2004
      Arnoud -

      I don't know what your plans are, but you might consider using live steam
      and have a working model!

      Although - that might knock the train off the track . . . .


      > Finally i started a project in 1:35 as a showpiece for our little
      > museum. Its gonna show a dutch wooden ramming device (don't know the
      > english words for it, it is so typically Dutch!)driven by steam at a
      > wet and muddy building site set in the late forties / early fifties
      > A portable 700mm ng railway (20mm) is transporting sand, wood and
      > all kinds of goods for the builders. It shows the effort made after
      > ww2 to rebuild Holland and shows the importance of narrow gauge
      > railways as a mode of transport at that time.
      > The ramming-device will be the eyecatcher cause its gonna be 60cm
      > high!
      > All items finished look pretty convincing. I now have to start
      > working on the steamengine...Thats the real challenge i'm not really
      > looking forward too actually.....Hope to upload pictures soon of the
      > proceedings.
      > groeten uit Amsterdam,
      > Arnoud Bongaards - http://www.decauville.nl
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