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3132Henschel DG 26

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  • jjoker041
    Nov 2, 2002
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      Hello friends.
      Finally it happend. Only days before I depart for the Modelrailroad
      Show in Köln (11. 7-10.), the first copies of my Henschel DG 26
      arrived. OK, it looks a bit new, like it comes right from the
      Factory, but some people will like to use it as a flatcar load. A bit
      of weathering will help this loco a long way. As you see from the 3
      pictures I put into the files instead of the shot of the master,
      there is plenty of room to motorise it.
      The Henschel is fine for both prewar and postwar settings. It was a
      standard design delivered for gauges between 500 to 750 mm (or 550
      according to other sources - dead on spot for Peco 0e track) The
      dummy mechanism is made for 600 mm. The couplers are made of brass,
      everything else is cast plastic (resin). The Henschel will retail for
      Euro 95,- as pictured and it can be sent by mail.

      All the best for your projects.

      Klaus Holl