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  • Frank Savery
    Sep 4, 2002
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      Hi Guys,
      I've been very much a lurker on this group, as I've been mainly working in
      Modelling minimum gauge railways in smaller (On15) and larger (Gn15) scales
      for which I run the Modelling Minimum Gauge group.

      Happily, I now may be able to make a positive contribution to this group.

      I'm sure you all know the LEMAX people who make the Christmas villages sold
      by shops such as Michaels. But, I wonder If you realise that their range of
      figures and accessories goes way beyond Christmas villages and that their
      figures generally measure out to around 56mm to 60mm tall - which with
      1/32nd scale being 10mm to the foot has got to be pretty close to 1/32nd.

      I'm not sure If Yahoo will let you se the pictures, but please try :

      to see what some of the figures look like with their bases removed and put
      in a railroad setting posed next to wagons made by or kitbashed from the
      SIDELINES range.

      If you can see these photos, I think you'll agree that they are pretty nice
      figures, AND, the best part ~ they cost between $1 and $1.50 US ~ which has
      got to be fantastic value. If Yahoo won't let you see the photos, I'll post
      them to the FS32 files - let's know.

      If you'd like to see more, there are a few websites you can visit.
      Unfortunately, no one website covers the full range, but by looking at them
      all you'll see about 97% of the range.


      I think you'll be amazed at the number of figures that can be adapted and/or
      repainted to fit in with a RR setting.
      You guys will know better than me how the figures sold for 1/32nd compare in
      size and bulk, but to my thinking If a standing male figure doesn't measure
      between about 56mm and 60mm then they have got to be underscale for 1/32nd.

      Frank Savery,
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