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2806[FS32NGModelrail] Re: Happy New Year and a wheel question

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  • Brian McKenzie
    Jan 3, 2002
      Paul Napier asked:
      > Can anyone suggest sources of wheels in the following
      > diameters - 5.4mm (solid), 6.4mm (solid), 6.5mm (curved spokes),
      > 7.2mm (curved spokes), 8mm (solid), 8.5mm (solid), 8.8mm (solid)
      > and 10mm (curved spoke). Gauge is not critical as I can regauge
      > to 16.5mm and all axles will have inside bearings. [1:35 scale]


      Photo attached shows two curved spoke wheels I have produced in the past.

      There could be brass castings available for the larger wheel in an Auckland
      model shop. Possibly Santa Fe, not sure - I've lost track of the current
      ownership of patterns I made about 1970. It represents 20 inch dia in 1:64
      scale after turning = 10.9 inches in 1:35.

      The smaller one is 6.3mm OVER the flange i.e. the tyre comes out of 1/4 inch
      dia. stainless steel. The present difficulties of manufacture (injection
      moulding of spokes 9 thou thick) means I can't make them available for now,
      but tooling improvements and additional sizes could be a task for the

      Brian McKenzie.
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