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2800Re: [FS32NGModelrail] Re: Happy New Year and a wheel question

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  • Evan & Correne James
    Jan 1, 2002
      Hi Paul - I figured out that you were modelling the Waitakerei trams. Remind
      me closer to convention time and I will bring down videos I have taken of
      the two lines. If you need any up to date info on the Nihotupu tram, the
      person to get hold of would be Dick Croker who has the contract to maintain
      it. Sorry, but he isn't on line.


      on 1/1/02 10:33 PM, tankienz at bandm@... wrote:

      > EVan,
      > Have I ever followed the main stream?
      > All these strange wheel sizes are for the Waitakere 2ft gauge
      > rollingstock of Watercare Services and the Waitakere Tramline
      > Society. Apparently there was no such thing as a stand wheel size
      > back in the Auckland Regional Authority days hence the variety. If I
      > decide to build a few items of rolling stock I probably settle on 2-3
      > common (and available) sizes.
      > Paul Napier
      > --- In FS32NGModelrail@y..., Evan & Correne James <bce@x> wrote:
      >> Gee Paul, you really are picking on some strange prototypes
      >> Evan
      >>>> tankienz wrote:
      >>>>> Hi everyone and happy new year. I think this is the first
      > message
      >>> of
      >>>>> the new year as its just after midnight here in New Zealand.
      >>>>> I have a question. I've been looking at some plans of a local 2
      >>> foot
      >>>>> gauge railway that I'm considering building in 1/35th scale but
      > I
      >>>>> have a problem. As the lines pass through tunnels they share
      > with
      >>>>> water pipes the rolling stock is very small and has very small
      >>>>> wheels. Can anyone suggest sources of wheels in the following
      >>>>> diameters - 5.4mm (solid), 6.4mm (solid), 6.5mm (curved spokes),
      >>>>> 7.2mm (curved spokes), 8mm (solid), 8.5mm (solid), 8.8mm (solid)
      >>> and
      >>>>> 10mm (curved spoke). Gauge is not critical as I can regauge to
      >>>>> 16.5mm and all axles will have inside bearings.
      >>>>> The only close wheels I'm aware of are Parkside Dundas N scale
      >>> which
      >>>>> I believe include 5.1mm, 5.5mm, 6.2mm and 7mm diameters.
      >>>>> Thanks folks,
      >>>>> Paul Napier
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