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2598re : Expo NG pics

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  • steveblackdog@aol.com
    Nov 1, 2001
      Hi guys

      For those not fortunate enough to be at Swanley last weekend for Expo
      NG, you missed what i can only describe, as the best modelling that i
      have ever seen. I speak of a quarry diorama built by Phillipe
      Cousyn, Franck Tavernier, Joel Belz and Phillipe Guiffard. This
      small layout in 1/35 scale had an atmosphere that i didn't think was
      possible in model form. Thankfully I did manage to sneak out from
      behind my layout to take a few photo's and if you would like to see
      my humble attempts to capture this atmosphere I have created an album
      in the "photo section". Sadly, the pictures do not tell the full
      story for which you would need video with sound, so that you could
      hear Otto's sound systems in the loco's. Thanks to Phillipe and the
      guys for making a very memorable day.


      steve bennett
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