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2286[FS32NGModelrail] Billard loco

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  • Claus Nielsen
    Oct 1, 2001
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      Dear group:

      I,just like Gerrit, had hoped I would someday have the chance to build
      the Billard. Not so much because I particularly liked the looks of it,
      more because it would be fun building a kit of a loco in 1:35 instead of
      scratch building. Now it seems too late. And yes: bankrupt and closure
      are very much part of the terms when you want to supply a small market
      with rarely sought after products. If Gerrit and I had bought earlier,
      who knows maybe the firm had survived? (Doubtfull of that, though). This
      all seems like a good reminder: always buy what you like when you have
      chance, don't wait! (that your work bench someday will be filled with
      unbuilt models will be an other problem - I have decided that I will not
      buy more items before my present stocks have been reduced by 50%).

      The idea of using this group's expert modellers to manufacture a
      loco-kit is a very charming one. If it is a good one remains to be
      seen... I for my part don't know wether I could have a function in such
      a cooperation (I'll wait and see) and in case I could, would I have the
      time? The time would be taken from my other modelling activities and
      although I would be flattered to be invited I have never dreamt of
      becoming a master-maker for kit production, I only try to become a
      better modeller and have fun (with the first priority being 'fun'). The
      time doing parts for the Billard would also put a stop on my other
      projects (the MUZ-4 and a large six-coupled diesel electric, modules
      and wooden skips).

      As the patterns or master for a Billard have been made once, it would be
      the most sensible way of working trying to accuire them. Only if they
      can not be found and accuired would it make sense to do new ones.
      (perhaps even some examples of the kit have suvived that could be
      bought?) And when new moulds and masters should be made why choose the
      Billard and not some other loco? In the end you will also have to settle
      a scale. What I found great was that the original kit was in 1:35 - are
      all in the project (see, now I already called it a project) building in
      that scale?

      This is not a signal that I would not be a taker of a reasonably priced
      resin kit of a 1:35 Billard, only a few pieces of advise. I hope to see
      a Billard after all!

      I had the pleasure to visit the french museums railway at Dompierre and
      they have several Billards (that's where I saw this type of loco the
      first time.) The locos there could easily be measured and photographed
      in great detail.

      This weekend I almost finished my 1:35 model of a danish Ford A-loco.
      Photos and a small text should be online in a few days.

      Regards - and good luck for those on the 'project'

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