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1984PME 117

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  • Claus Nielsen
    May 1, 2001

      Just for the record: I have contacted Franck directly regarding detail shots
      (really hard core stuff - gear box top, lever detail, bolt heads on buffers,
      seat underside detail etc.) of the PME 117, but a few general shots of the
      loco could perhaps be of interest for a wider public.

      First an old photo from a Deutz-catalouge (early thirties?). This is the
      only photo I know of showing a PME 117 with side plates (please correct me
      if I'm wrong), but as the photo is heavily retouched the actual looks could
      be different. HVB's M 40 seems to be the only PME 117 ever sold directly to
      Denmark, and I have never seen photos of that engine with side plates.
      During the late twenties and through the thirties the danish loco
      manufacturers succeeded in almost total domination of the danish market for
      smaller locos (below 50-60 hp output) - and as very few locos larger than
      that were needed in Denmark this means that we danes saw very few imported
      locos until 1940 when Denmark was occupied by Germany. Then we saw all the
      usual Organisation Todt- and Reichsarbeitsdienst-locos as well as quite a
      number from private german construction companies - most of them stayed in
      Denmark after 1945 and constitutes a welcome change from our 'normal' danish
      stock of locos. (It happend again: I just couldn't control my 'key board
      fever' and have kept on writing - I will try and control myself through the
      rest of this message, which was intended to be solely on PME 117's, sorry!).

      <<PME 117 catalouge>>

      HVB's M 40 in 1988 with a works train. The bracket between the box on the
      rear plate and the and the u-profile was used for keeping the ever needed
      jack on the loco. Photo: CN, 1988.

      <<PME 117 with train>>

      M 40 shunting in 1996. The loco is equipped with a two-cylinder Ruston &
      Hornsby engine (where only one works permanently, the other joining when it
      cares!). In the back ground you may be able to spot HVB's Oberursel (it has
      since been moved in door). Photo: CN.

      <<PME 117 shunting>>

      The main dimensions of the PME 117 on HVB are:

      Frame length: 1950 mm.
      Length over buffers: 2430 mm.
      Frame height: 140 mm.
      Distance between axles: 700 mm.
      Bonnet height: 880 mm.
      'Cab' length: 900 mm.
      Rear plate width: 1020 mm.

      Hope this corresponds somewhat with what other sources indicate.


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