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1899Re: Drawings and Photos wanted

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  • Arnoud Bongaards
    Apr 4, 2001

      To me it seems that the availability of simple standard items such as
      "U" steel truckframes, 4 holed wheels in different sizes, simple
      "Koppel style" axleboxes, buffers etc. would help a lot when scratch
      building typical industrial ng stock in 1:32 scale. For PW work
      steel sleepers and scale fishplates would be nice.. The things you
      find in Koppel or Decauville catalogs..
      BTW the scale link tippers are very nice.

      Mind you that standard british (tipper)trucks and other typical ng
      items can be very different from the stuff used overhere in
      Holland, France, Germany etc.. For example the (excelent) 0 14 Roy
      Link tippers are real british and where -to my knowledge- never
      used overhere.

      I would buy any type O&K dieselloco, a round bonnet RUSTON (shipped
      to Europe after WW2) or a DIEMA diesel. Wooden tipper wagons were
      very much in use here, would make a great kit. I would love an
      O&K or Henschell 50 HP contractors steamloco...even only a body kit
      would be great..Complexx makes very nice DEUTZ dieselloco's and
      trucks but i can't pay them...

      There are kits for the english market but not much (payable) typical
      industrial ng stuff for us overhere on the european mainland, please
      correct me if i'm wrong. I like the WW1 locos and stock very much
      though and this is great stuff when modeling a French ng railway
      for example.
      I'm thinking of building a WW1 diorama, situated in France for our
      little museum.
      Unlike France and England, in Holland or Germany these type of locos
      and wagons were not (or in any case very rarely) used for industrial
      work after WW1.


      Arnoud Bongaards - Amsterdam

      --- In FS32NGModelrail@y..., ScaleLinkDG@a... wrote:
      > Further to Franck's request for drawings, ScaleLink is always
      interested to
      > receive drawings/photos of locomotives or rolling stock that we can
      add to
      > the existing range.
      > After much delay (due to problems with the supplier of brass
      parts), the
      > Péchot is ready and a built-up pre-production model should be on
      display at
      > Paris (Salon de la Maquette, 7-16 April). The ScaleLink stand will
      > opposite Jouef/Lima, so easy to find.
      > A further locomotive is planned for the Autumn (to be launched at
      > Expométrique, November), but after that, who knows? If the members
      of this
      > e-group have a particular idea about which locos and wagons should
      > available, please let me know, or contact Scalelink directly:
      > info@s... (www.scalelink.co.uk).
      > Cheers,
      > Joseph
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