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1888Re: [FS32NGModelrail] Drawings and Photos wanted

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  • ScaleLinkDG@aol.com
    Apr 3, 2001
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      Dans un courrier daté du 02/04/01 23:35:39 Paris, Madrid (heure d'été),
      bce@... a écrit :

      << Hi
      I forwarded the message to the New Zealand 9mm modellers site, you could
      have a few takers for the tram loco. Could you give me a few more details
      so we can visualise the finished produce, also a rough idea of what the
      price could be.


      Evan >>

      Hi, Evan,

      Thanks for the response.

      How much the tram loco costs depends so much on the number of takers and the
      way that we go about it. The original project, which was for Oe (or O/16.5 if
      you prefer) was just the body sides and roof. It was left to the builder to
      provide the chassis and also the boiler/chimney etc - not a problem in Oe
      where you could butcher a cheap OO or HO loco body to provide the necessary

      If we were to do the same in 1:32, the body kit would probably come out at
      around £45, based on a fairly small number produced.

      But I think that, in the larger scale, it would probably be better to provide
      the boiler etc. as a resin moulding, the cab floor and various other details,
      which would push the price up to around £90, always for the same small series.

      Chassis? The Prussian T3 from ex-Billerbahn would be OK if currently
      available. If not fussy about valve gear (well hidden under the skirts) any
      old motor bogie would do. Otherwise, an etched nickel-silver chassis, wheels,
      motor etc. would add quite a lot more to the price according to the choice of
      motor. If using a Mashima, we might keep it down to another £50 or so.
      Depends how much of the chassis components we can integrate onto the same
      fret as the bodysides.

      All food for thought but will not have much time over the next fortnight as
      in Paris for the ten-day exhibition.


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