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1882Re: [FS32NGModelrail] Drawings and Photos wanted

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  • Michel MASSOT
    Apr 2, 2001
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      Thanks for your interesting message. But I am curious, if it is not secret: what
      is the planned french locomotive for Expométrique The used of a HO chassis is a
      good idea for a Decauville but at this scale I think that you must prepare a
      tanskit to have correct cylindar and valve distribution.
      Michel MASSOT

      ScaleLinkDG@... wrote:

      > Dans un courrier daté du 02/04/01 11:49:12 Paris, Madrid (heure d'été),
      > massot@... a écrit :
      > << Somes ideas :after the PECHOT
      > for french peoples a DECAUVILLE 040T or 030T in british notation Withe wooden
      > tippers by example
      > but 262T Baldwin and Pershing Rolling stocks Seen to be interesting
      > >>
      > The orginal programme set out by ScaleLink for the WW1 series was for a
      > Baldwin to be the fourth loco produced (after the Hunslet, the Simplex and
      > the Péchot). There is now another French locomotive planned for this year
      > (Expométrique), with the Baldwin perhaps next year.
      > We have often been asked to produce a Decauville and I think that this is
      > very likely to happen. It would be a very useful model not only to military
      > modellers but there were so many of them used in French industrial and
      > agricultural sites. And still plenty of real ones preserved to measure,
      > photograph, etc.
      > There is a good article on a Decauville 030T (060T in British Whyte notation)
      > in this month's RMF. One possibility would be to make a more "basic" model of
      > this than the existing ScaleLink products, i.e. instead of a complete kit
      > requiring the builder to assemble the chassis, just a body kit to go on a
      > suitable commercially available HO chassis. What do you all think of this?
      > Also at ScaleLink, we have somewhere the artwork (for etched brass) of a
      > rather cute little tram locomotive. This could probably be done in 1:32 (or
      > 9mm/ft) at quite low cost if there are enough of you interested. This perhaps
      > more suited to metre-gauge (O Gauge chassis). Are any of the group modelling
      > at 1:32 scale with 32mm track?
      > Cheers,
      > Joseph
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