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1790'SuperSpuds' Delight!*

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  • Mike South
    Mar 1, 2001
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      (...* No! This is NOT about some tasteless new 'wondersnack' from the
      global corporatists at McDonalds or PepsiCo)

      Otto Schouwstra - Netherlands
      Paul Styles - England
      Ray Lantz - USA
      Klaus Holl - Germany


      Today I took postal delivery of two of your 'SuperSpuds' and... I'm
      absolutely delighted! (thanks also for the brilliant packing Otto).
      What can I say? They are beautifully crafted machines of elegant
      simplicity, with whisper quiet running and 'far better than the
      prototype' pulling power. My warmest thanks to your little 'consortium'
      for making these delightful mechanisms available to me. The 'Crowsnest
      Tramway' (Gone West!) has now been ushered (back) into the petrol-power
      age and I fear that my 'Alan Keef K-12' (out of Grandt Line 4wD) will
      now languish parked behind some discreet shrubbery on the shed 'dead
      line' as being far too modern for the period of the rest of my little
      fleet of Bagnall (plus one Beyer Peacock) locos. If any more
      'SuperSpuds' are still available, I strongly urge any of you out there
      still 'sitting on the fence' to jump in quick and purchase your own,
      before they are all gone. My formerly lacklustre 'Scale Link' Simplexii
      will never be the same again, now that they have tasted the heady
      delights of a true 'class motor'! Thank you, Gentlemen.

      Mike South
      'Chief Cook & Bottlewasher', The Crowsnest Tramway,
      St. Torpid's Bay Works,
      Friars' Ambling
      (somewhere in time, circa 1930's)
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