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1710Festiniog Guards van

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  • Paul Styles
    Feb 1, 2001
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      Hi Folks,
      I have recently finished building my first real item of roling stock, the FR
      guards van, chosen only as I had a drawing in a copy of NGIRM Review and you
      can't see the wheels so I could use some I already had but were the wrong size.
      Unfortunatly the one drawing is all the information I have, I don't even know
      what colour to paint it ?. A friend has sugested that the little shelter was
      added later, but it is seriously small, the guard would not be able to stand
      upright in it and would have to enter facing in the direction he intended to be
      hunched up in as there does not seem to be enough room to turn round.
      Having got this far I rather fancy building some of the matching low slung
      coaches to go with it ( I have still got plenty of wrong wheels) does any one
      know of any reasonable drawings ? perhaps in earlier copies of the NGIRM Review

      Paul S.

      (See attached file: Gvan1.jpg)(See attached file: Gvan2.jpg)
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