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1403RE: [FS32NGModelrail] Re: DN215 - Oberursel

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  • Terry Van Winkle
    Dec 2, 2000
      Thanks for sharing the German locomotive builders list. It is a fabulous
      resource. I am particularly pleased to begin to understand the relationship
      of Oberurseler to Deutz even with my very limited understanding of German as
      a guide.
      The 1911 Oberurseler Mine Locomotive Catalog facsimile mentioned in the
      bibliography and published by Bufe-Verlag,1998, ISBN 3-922138-67-5 is very
      well done. I purchased a copy from Andrew Neale in England this year. I
      believe it is still in print. Attached is a sample page from the facsimile.
      Would any member of the group have information on Montania locomotives built
      before the First World War?
      Many Thanks,
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