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1400Re: DN215 - Oberursel

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  • Arnoud Bongaards
    Dec 1, 2000
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      Kevin, Peter, all,

      --- In FS32NGModelrail@egroups.com, Peter Foley <pdfoley@c...> wrote:
      > At 01:56 PM 11/28/00 +1300, Kevin Crosado wrote:

      >>Incidentally, what is the correct spelling of the maker's name?
      >>I've seen it printed both as Oberursel and Oberursler. I assume the
      >>name was taken from the location of the manufacturer's works.

      >I've only seen it as Oberursel - they also made rotary engines in
      >WWI for German aircraft.

      It was allso known as Oberurseler Motorenfabrik (Germany). They were
      established 1892. In 1901 they built their first loco! Besides loco-
      and aircraft engines they allso built engines for cars.


      >I've also posted a scan of another Oberursel loco to Kevin's folder
      >in the shared files - no idea where I got the pic from, it was back
      >in the days when lots were saved, but no notes kept.

      This shot is taken at Gempol Sugarmill - Java, Indonesia. The loco
      was still in service in 1989! Gauge of this beauty is 700 mm. (28").
      It probably is 70hp and has Klien-Lindner hollow axles to cope with a
      very small radius.
      (Claus: Take a look at the pic and try to keep breathing normal!
      This baby fits on Dutch and Danish tracks! Little bit too far away
      too get our hands on huh....)

      It is good too see some Oberursel locos still surviving, as they are
      veeeery rare these days. They are special and a treasure in every
      railway collection even when not totally in original state.

      Kevin and Peter thanks for the info and fotos.

      For more on Oberursel and (all) other German loco manufacturers (in
      German but lots of fotos) go see http://www.lokhersteller.de

      Cheers & de groeten,

      Arnoud Bongaards - Amsterdam
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