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1259Re: Suitable parts

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  • gandydancerjames@hotmail.com
    Nov 2, 2000
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      --- In FS32NGModelrail@egroups.com, bilwil@w... wrote:
      > Jim.... Thanks fer the interest in my Wazoo Island Rwy.,
      and the nice compliments.

      Bill: Guess I put the commas in the wrong place in my sentence.
      I meant that I was in On30, but am very interested in your 1/32
      scale/HO gauge. I noticed that much of the conversion work is
      done in brass. Any particular reason why styrene is not used
      more liberally?

      Aside from the SD Warren Company tram that appeared in the 1987
      NGG, are there any other trams that used double trucks in their
      operation? Appears that the On30 Bachmann freight truck is an
      ideal candidate for use in this scale, as the wheelbase and wheels
      appear a bit oversized for On30.

      Remember, I'm just lurking. Appreciate you taking the time to
      respond. JIM
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