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1258Re: [FS32NGModelrail] Suitable parts

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  • bilwil@webtv.net
    Nov 2, 2000

      As Charley is wont to say upon occasion:
      Good on Ya! Glad to see you're still doing
      the kits. And bringing out a new one yet!!
      Hope all this new interest helps the
      business, you do good stuff.

      And bye-the-bye, How's my Ruston doing? Just asking..........

      Charley dropped by this eve. and the actual size of the loky came up
      our conversation. How big is it actually
      vs the 4 ton Puff? Bigger? Smaller?
      Inquiring engineers need to know. Whots
      the H.P. rating?

      Thanx Bud.......

      Bill Wilson BTW / MAB
      Wazoo Island Rwy.
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