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1257Re: [FS32NGModelrail] Re: Suitable parts

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  • bilwil@webtv.net
    Nov 2, 2000
      Thanks fer the interest in my Wazoo Island Rwy., and the nice
      However it is NOT On30! The scale is
      3/8" = 1" or 1/32nd proportion running on
      HO standards track which works out to
      approx. 20" gauge. Extra narrow gauge
      if you will. On30 is 1/4" = 1', or 1/48
      proportion. The equipment in this scale/
      gauge is quite diminutive. I did use the
      Bachman On30 Porter chassis for PUFF
      the steam loco, and HUFF the gaz rig.
      This makes them about 4 ton locos.
      In On30, the Porters scale out to about
      7 ton locos. I use hand-laid code 83 rail,
      and have 10" radius curves.

      And yes, the car is really 4 1/2 ft. x 8 ft.!
      I believe the fotos show a person (Figger)
      standing by the car which should give you
      some idea of the size! Very little is available in this scale/gauge, so
      if you
      want anything, be prepared to build, build,

      Hope this helped answer some of your questions.

      Bill Wilson / MAB
      Wazoo Island Rwy.
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