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  • Charley Lix
    Nov 1, 2000
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      Jim ,

      >From: gandydancerjames@...

      > One thing I noticed is that the cabs are OPEN, meaning that
      >they should be detailed. Alright, what does one of these "diesel"?
      >interiors look like?

      I put two shift levers {two speeds and a fwd / rev }and a clutch pedal .
      Gauges ..a gaz tank for gravity feed .. a brake lever .. like a tall
      ratchet thing like a reversing lever {johnson bar} the Lokeys I saw at
      Leslie salt were VERY lean as to cab stuff .. just the bare minimum . I was
      shocked at how much there wasn't ! VERY minimal machines ..

      Have Fun - Charley , G.R.G / MAB
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