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1248Re: [FS32NGModelrail] Suitable parts

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  • RL1962@aol.com
    Nov 1, 2000
      Certainly I've still got the patterns and molds available to reproduce the
      under frames sold to Charley and Bill. These wagons are not War Department
      though, just some freelance thing I came up with myself. They were however,
      based loosely on wagons similar to the WD ones which is why they so closely
      resemble them. They are very small but make up nicely without too much
      effort. Just now there is no need to have more castings made as I've a batch
      on hand though they will likely not last long at which point more can be had.

      Anyone interested can contact me for pricing etc. To have another look at
      some finished kits return to my web page (link attached). The two wagons on
      the front page are exactly them. These as pictured are assembled to my
      original plan but many different renditions of similar and unique design can
      be assembles by adding to or subtracting from the parts included as I think
      Charley and Bill have done. I'll also supply a plan view of the kit with
      every order so that you can compare what you'd like to build with what I
      designed and built myself.

      Of further interest may be that I am in the process of making patterns for a
      3ft gauge wagon that is not dissimilar to these small guys, but is from an
      actual prototype. This wagon is to be 5x10ft and was used on a very light
      3ft gauge English common carrier. I can't promise or even guess at a ready
      date just now as there is much work to be done still and I am awaiting
      production of appropriate wheelsets which I have commissioned from Slaters of
      England. Any interested parties should contact me via e-mail and I will
      provide them with more particulars as well as a copy of a plan drawing I made
      for the kit.

      Best Regards to all,

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