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  • Charley Lix
    Nov 1 12:40 PM
      just lurking... JIM , fellows ...

      >From: gandydancerjames@...
      >I'm just sort of lurking here, to see what you fellas are up to.
      >I am, though I'm not sure after seeing the photos of Bill Wilson's
      >Wazoo Railroad, in On30.

      I am pretty sure this is a typo .. about "On30" By Bill Wilson .. Ray Lantz
      was kind enough to sell us some white metal underframe kits which I take to
      be four wheel WD wagon metal underframes .. they are very nice for 1:32 nd
      scale diminutive all steel rivetted frames .. Ray may have patterns for them
      yet ? If enough ask , he might be presuaded to run them again ?

      Have Fun - Charley , G.R.G / MAB
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