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12132RE: SV: [FS32NGModelrail] Blitz kit, new WW1 models in 1/35

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  • Simon
    Jul 23, 2014
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      Nice photos. What surprises me about this loco has been difficulty in getting hold of a decent drawing showing loco as built for military use. I have found some drawings online and had started designing a model for 3D printing, but it has been put to one side while I work on other projects.
      As for professionalism of Voie Libre, it should be remembered that it like other railway magazines is run by enthusiastic amateurs not trained professional historians. That is not a critisism just a reflection on reality. By the same token, those who grumble about quality and lack of variety of articles in railway magazines should offer something themselves, not expect other to always write the articles. I have observed the hobby from many sides, and each view has taught me a lot. For me Voie Libre steer a pretty good middle road between serious rivet counting and fun modelling, and it is helping me with my French.

      SOW a Seed


      GREEN not GREED

      Simon Dawson


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