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12128RE: [FS32NGModelrail] Blitz kit, new WW1 models in 1/35

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  • Stephen
    Jul 22, 2014

      This is the beginning of four years of the 100th anniversary of World War One.

      Be prepared to see everything with a WW1 theme for the next four years.

      There will be WW1 party items. WW1 cakes. WW1 clothing, WW1 toilet paper, etc. etc.

      If someone can make a buck tagging the term WW1 onto it he or she will.

      In the USA there is already a new TV show on WW1 that will start in August. There will be many more WW1 movies and TV programs. Probably even a WW1 continuing soap opera.

      Fortunately for model builders there will be many more model kits on WW1. Something to look forward to.



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      August issue of Voie Libre just arrived. In the news section there is an announcement about Blitz kit planning to release several new WW1 train models in 1/35 scale. Next year also supposedly.. also complete decauville pechot wagons ...

      Seems like most manufactors suddenly awaken cause of the 100 year event of WW1.. !   Great news for us all.

      the site is http://blitz-kit.fr/ but so far I found not much about it there, let's hope they update soon.


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