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12115Re: [FS32NGModelrail] Re: 1:32 Skips

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  • bsnoodyk
    Jun 15 4:12 PM
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      Hi Kim & others

      the reason Hesketh Scale Models/TMWA are willing to provide 32nd scale skips is simply to serve the 32nd scale market, providing the quantities are commercially viable.

      we do not wish to promote the debate about which scale is correct or better or whatever, since every individual modeller has a right to select the scale that suits their needs.

      Hesketh Scale Models/TMWA will continue to provide the market with new, exciting 35th scale railroad models since that is the scale in which the greater number of model builders are working and thus presents the biggest customer base.

      a debate about the origins of 35th scale is not very productive since it is a fact that 35th scale is an accepted standard in plastic kits.  Plastic kits form a great support base for model railroaders, particularly since there are an expanding range of non-military kits becoming such as cars, trucks & figures.  In this context it may be well to remember that scales such as HO in model trains have an illogical base, but are now the accepted norm.  Perhaps it is also good to keep in mind that the majority of the world uses a metric system of measurement, in which fractions of an inch have no relevance.

      so, irrespective of scale preferences we will make 32nd scale kits available if there is a demand.  So far that demand is rather lacking, hence the priority given to 35th scale products.

      have fun & stay cool


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