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12033Re: [FS32NGModelrail] Re: Glyn Valley Coaches

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  • thrustanparry7144
    Mar 27, 2014
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      One of our members, Ian from Melbourne, steered me in the right direction.

      Namely, that the etches were not likely from Wrightlines but instead from Wolsley.  When I 'googled' Glyn Valley etched coaches, one of the responses that came up was a link to this site and the post from Mike South
      that described how he had contacted Allen Doherty of Wolsley and arranged for several 1/32 'Scratch Aid' kits to be produced for him. He had included several links to other research sites that I think had the drawings he was going to use to construct the coaches but as I wrote earlier this post has disappeared. I understand from a gentleman in Edmonton that he was helping Jane South dispose of the balance of Mike's collection. This is all just a happy accident for me. An email conversation with Mr, Snoodyk about one of his locos from the estate led me back to Canada and a search for Mr. South.

      Regards and thanks again for the help.


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