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120202ft gauge Fowler Diesel Mechanical Loco

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  • Brian
    Mar 19, 2014
      The last couple of months I have been doing all the artwork and eventually the etching and building a model of a Fowler DM, in 1/35 scale, this type of loco is the little brother of the Fowler DM which Ixion released not long back in 7mm scale.
      The 2ft. gauge version shares many of the same components with the standard gauge version, having the same radiator assembly and also the frames were set at 4’ apart, and instead of the wheels being heat shrunk onto the axles, the wheels are fitted by a key, the axles have extra long slots for these keys and when set for 2ft. gauge on the outside face of the wheels there is a 3” thick spacer and then the axleboxes and cranks, these locos were designed to be run on either 2ft. or 2’6” gauge by swapping the spacer to the inside face of the wheels.
      The model is fully etched, including the cranks which are multiple layers to make the correct thickness, this model has micro ball race bearings, in each axlebox and also on the jack shaft axle, all of the bolts on the model are real miniature bolts, each axlebox is fully sprung, the front gearbox is a Slater’s FD01 3:1 and the motor is a 12mm. x 10mm. gearhead motor [400rpm.output] however as you will see in the video I need to slow it down so I will fit a 200rpm.
      You may also notice the front of the loco is riding high at the moment, that is because some more parts have to be fitted, in behind the radiator grill there is provision for a 20mm. square high bass speaker to go in there as well the entire engine canopy is completely empty at the moment, eventually there will be a battery in there as well as a decoder and RC unit.
      Qld. Aust.
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