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12019Re: [FS32NGModelrail] Re: Progre ss on the 3D-Schöma

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  • gaz410
    Mar 16, 2014
      Hello Thomas
      My loco is printed in Shapeway's 'FUD-quality' - Frosted Ultra Detail. I wouldn't go for anything less in 1:35. The surface is very good on the vertical sides of the model. Most are as smooth as a piece of plasticcard. The cab ends had tiny 'ripples' and I have been working to remove those with repeated sanding and priming. The roof was also worked (a little heavier) with sanding sticks. You can see more on my two earlier posts on the Schöma:

      Hope I answered your question. If not, please do not hesitate to elaborate your answer.

      Best regards


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      Emne: [FS32NGModelrail] Re: Progress on the 3D-Schöma


      Hi Claus,

      it looks great.
      Are you satisfied with horizontal and vertical surfaces of the 3D print and what print quality did you choose?

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