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11922Re: [FS32NGModelrail] RE: Just added some photos of my WW1 themed modules

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  • gaz410
    Nov 21, 2013
      Sounds interesting. Will be watching your progress.

      Best regards 

      Claus, Copenhagen 

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      Dato: Tor, 21. nov 2013 01:29
      Emne: [FS32NGModelrail] RE: Just added some photos of my WW1 themed modules



       I have been spending a lot of time designing various versions of the WW1 40hp Simplex, protected(with and without doors open), armoured, and 2 versions of the open  Simplex. I am also working through the WDLR wagons , some tested some to be tested. All are to approximately 1/35 scale. I upped one of the Simplex locos to 1/32 for a commission, but would prefer to concentrate on 1/35 at the moment. A 20hp Simplex is in testing at the moment, still needs a few changes. I have no shortage of material, and want to move onto some of the French WW1 stuff, starting with a Crochet loco, as I have found a potential motor bogie.

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      just made the 1/35 versions of both Simplexes and a 1/32 version of the Protected version available on Shapeways



      As can be seen in photos on my layout they are designed to capture the spirit of the real loco, and please don't count the rivets

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