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11152Nice inexpensive bridge sides

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  • Geoff Potter
    Nov 7, 2012
      Hi folks,

      the other day while looking for bridges for a new On30 industrial layout,

      I stumbled upon Atlas HO Flat car girder load

      The name is a totally a misnomer.

      This is a really cheap way to get four well detailed girder bridge sides. Each side, rather than being a flat girder, has a flange with holes so that you can attach the sides to a bridge base. The girders would be suitable for small bridges in On30, 1/35th scale and Gn15.

      Similar HO girder bridges are available from other manufacturers (some are quite massive) but these are a bit smaller and the pack of 4 for only a few dollars makes for a good deal.
      I have only used the internet hobbies page to indicate what they look like. No connection to the vendor whatsoever. The Atlas HO range is widely available in hobby shops as well.

      Geoff Potter