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  • Claus
    Aug 13, 2012
      Sitting in your 'modelling cave' all summer isn't too good for your tan (or popular with the familiy). I have a habit of moving small modelling tasks out in the garden. I choose projects that don't require a lot of tools or are too sensitive to the weather (a sudden gust of wind could mean disaster to some projects).

      This weekend I loaded six skips with gravel. For far too long Nystrup Gravel has been moving empty skips back and forth. No wonder the financial results of the enterprise has been somewhat disapointing...

      In the proces I even discovered a skip I had forgotten all about. It's a Hudson 'Rugga' from Lantz & Bantock (heavy like a brick). It just needed a light weathering and a load - work that is now being done.

      See the skip loading proces on http://nystrupgravel.blogspot.dk/2012/08/skips-full-of-gravel.html

      Any summer projects from the rest of you guys on the northern hemisphere?

      Best regards

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