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  • Mohammad Imran
    Hi Mohammed Imran,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 30, 2010
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      Hi Mohammed Imran,
      > This is exciting! Along with 187,759 people I signed a petition
      > asking the Prime Minister to hold a public consultation before
      > taking a decision on the nuclear liability bill. These petitions
      > were delivered to the Standing Committee looking at the bill and now
      > they have decided to hold a public consultation.
      > The bill in its current form lets the foreign corporations get away
      > by paying a meagre amount in case of a nuclear accident in India.
      > The major chunk of the expenses will be borne by the Indian tax
      > payers. But now we have a chance to change this bill and make it
      > stronger.
      > Greenpeace, an NGO working on this issue, has prepared an open
      > letter which states the changes required in the bill. Just like the
      > petition, this letter will stand a chance of being considered if
      > lots of us sign it. We have less than two weeks to change the bill
      > and prevent another Bhopal in the making.
      > I have already added my signature.
      > Can you add your signature to this letter?
      > http://www.greenpeace.org/india/change-the-liability-bill
      > Thanks!
      > shripoddar@...
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