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More on the rape of Madrassa girls - two articles

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  • mohammad imran
    ‘One rapist asked what caste, other said why ask, both are Muslim’ ALKA S PANDE Posted online: Sunday, January 21, 2007 at 0000 hrs Print Email
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      ‘One rapist asked what caste, other said why ask, both are Muslim’
      Posted online: Sunday, January 21, 2007 at 0000 hrs Print Email
      The two victims, students of a madarsa run by brother of
      Varanasi-blast accused, tell their story to The Sunday Express. Mother
      of one alleges police said withdraw complaint, will get your husband a
      ALLAHABAD, JANUARY 20 :On Wednesday, two girl students of a madarsa
      run by the brother of Varanasi blasts accused Waliuallah were allegedly
      abducted, raped and dropped back. On Friday night, more than 48 hours
      after the incident, police included rape charges in the FIR.
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      clashThe victims, who police said had not been willing to undergo
      medical examination, have undergone the procedure at Dufferin Hospital.
      Some men have been picked up on suspicion, but Circle Officer Rahul
      Srivastava said they could be arrested only after the victims have
      identified them.
      Allahabad DIG G.L. Meena said on Saturday, “We have a preliminary
      medical report and rape can be confirmed only after the pathological
      reports are available tomorrow.”
      The girls told The Sunday Express they had been willing to record
      statements, but madarsa manager Wasiullah, brother of Varanasi blast
      accused Waliullah, had held them back. He said: “I was reluctant
      because it was a matter of the girls’ izzat.”
      Trembling in fear, the two girls spoke of their ordeal.
      The girls said there were five men, who had a dagger and pistol. The
      men broke into the madarsa on Wednesday and, after holding
      warden-cum-cook Syedunissa and a peon at gunpoint, picked them out.
      They said they were dragged away and raped for two hours in a field
      about half a kilometre from the madarsa and then dropped back
      “While leaving us back, one of them said, ‘Salaam, phir milenge 22
      ko!’” said one of the victims.
      They said one of their assailants had asked them what caste they were,
      but then another remarked, “Why ask? They are all Musalmanin.”
      The mother of one of the victims said she does not trust the SHO of
      Kareli police station, Rajesh Kumar Singh, under whose jurisdiction the
      madarsa falls.
      She said, “He had asked me what work my husband does, and when I told
      him he teaches namaaz and gets Rs 1,000 a month, he said, ‘Send him to
      me, I will get him a job, but take your complaint back.’”
      “But I told him that my only daughter’s life is ruined, I don’t need a
      job and will not take my complaint back,” she said. Senior police
      officiers in Allahabad said the rape section was inserted in the FIR on
      the intervention of DIG Meena.
      Standing outside the police station on Saturday were the family
      members of the eight people detained for interrogation. They said the
      men were picked up by police just like that.
      Razia, mother of one Naushad, said her son worked at a tailor shop.
      “They picked him up along with Ikhlaq, the owner of the shop, while
      they were working.”
      A dealer in rags, Aijaz Ahmed, said three of his workers — Nazir,
      Dileep and Shiv Chand — were picked up at night when they were
      sleeping. A cycle mechanic, Pappu, and another tailoring-shop employee
      Shibu were also detained for questioning.
      Razia and Aijaz both alleged that the police was working under
      pressure from MP Atiq Ahmed, known to have criminal record, who had got
      three men released late at night. They also said they were wary of one
      Javed, a “social worker” who had been active in accompanying the girls
      to hospital and had been seen at the police station several times.
      Police refused to name those who had been arrested, but said they
      would crack the case soon.


      Mohammed Ayub Khan Toronto, Canada

      Note from Moderator :
      AMUNetwork strongly condems this shameful act and demands immidiate
      action and punishment to the culprits.

      EVENTS ON 20/1/2007

      1. Name of the Madarsa- Madarsa Jamia Al Saalihat Islamia,
      Mahmoodabaad, Basoona Road, Karaili, Allahabaad.
      2. After lot of pressure and intervention of women’s groups and United
      democratic Front, Medical examination of the girls was done by three
      members team of doctors of Duffrin Hospital. Medical team has confirmed
      the statement of both the girls i.e. assault and gang rape. Girls were
      taken to MLN hospital for X-ray for the proof of age and USG.
      3. Meantime the family members of the girls came and they decided to
      get back the girls to their respective villages. They were reluctant to
      continue in this Madarsa. But activists like Padma and Zara, persuaded
      and convinced the girls and parents that they should stay back and
      continue studies and complete the rest 3 months course. They suggested
      if the girls do not want to stay at Madarsa they could arrange another
      place in the city for completion of their study.
      4. In the night around 9 pm, victim’s cloths were handed over to the
      police for examination. Then the both of the activist took the girls
      along with police (SO, CO, Lady officer and another officer plus
      constables) to the incident site for identification. Girls identified
      four persons by face or voice recognition. All persons are Muslim.
      5. Mulyam, who was in Allahabad for ‘holy dip’ at sangam, announced two
      lakh each as help for the girls. But didn’t took any action against
      anyone including alleged SO.
      6. Girls were stayed at the house of the president of United Democratic

      EVENTS ON 21/1/2007

      1. UDF and other groups had organized a protest dharna in front of
      Chowk Kotwali. Dharna continued for several hours. Subhashini Ali of
      Aidwa, Rita Bhauguna Joshi of Mahila Congress, AIPWA, CPI-ML, Stree
      Adhikaar sanghatan and several others organization and prominent
      citizen, individual and hundreds of local residents including Muslim
      women were present at dharana. They expressed their anguish. Subhashini
      spoke about the lawlessness prevailed in the state. She said, police
      inaction shows that how insensitive this government is about the safety
      of womenfolk. She also hinted about a local leader who has criminal
      background, responsible for crime culture in Allahabaad. Rita Bahuguna,
      who is tirelessly struggling for last three days, said we as a citizen
      and women activist are not going to tolerate this type of heinous crime
      in the district.
      2. Their demand was, (a) immediate arresting of all the culprits (b)
      Help of Five lakh each to both the girls. (c) One lakh each to all the
      girls present at Madarsa (d) Alternative place to madarsa and monetary
      help (e) Tight the security of all the girls hostel in the city (f)
      like Nithari, investigation of this incident should be done by
      independent agency (g) action against the local police officials for
      their sheer negligence and inaction.
      3. Mayawati also came to meet the girls. She met all the girls at
      Madarsa and gave five Lakhs to make the security arrangement of
      Madarasa. She also demanded CBI enquiry of the incident.
      4. Local people mainly Muslims were very furious. They blocked the
      roads at several places.
      5. People were very agitated. Several times they became aggressive.
      They even tried to reach Kotwali forcefully. Leaders had tough time to
      control their anguish.
      6. There is a strong feeling against Local MP and strongman Ateeq
      Ahmad. During the dharana people regularly chanted slogan against him
      and his Samajwadi Party.
      7. It was also learnt that manager of Masdarsa first tried to hide this
      8. What was the motive of this incident? There was a speculation on
      this aspect. There is a strong feeling that incident has something to
      do with land on which this madarsa is built. Around this Madarsa, a
      colony named Elena city is proposed. This private colony is going to be
      developed by MP’s relative. Madarsa is a hurdle for their proposed
      city. So acquiring this land, their goons did this crime. This aspect
      is still a speculation. Need for further investigation.
      9. A section of people and relatives of all those persons held by the
      police came at Dharna. They claimed their kin are innocent. Some people
      said police are harassing the innocent and poor.
      10. Identification of the culprits and their arresting became a matter
      of controversy and posed dilemma.
      11. It is worth mentioning that all the girls are in bad mental state.
      They are living every minute with horrific incident. They are not
      getting any time to calm themselves. Some time the Media then other
      time it is politician and activists are are forcing them to remind
      every details of the horrific crime. I thing all the girls including
      two girls need urgent sound/ gendered counseling. I hope women
      organization will intervene and will provide professional counseling.
      12. UDF has taken the lead in this agitation. They have a strong Muslim
      following. Mahila congress and Stree Adhikaar Sanghatan are working in
      close coordination along with UDF in Allahabad.
      13. After four days, No Muslim women/civil society organization except
      UDF reacted so far.

      Today on 22-01-07. Political parties- CPI, CPM, CPI-ML, UDF, RJD and
      others sat on Dharna at Allahabad Collectriate.

      Nasiruddin (with inputs from Padma and Zara)
      Mobiles- 09450931764, 09415636106
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