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FW: Meeting with Home Secretary

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  • Bhartendu Prakash
    Dear Friends This is for your perusal -Bharatendu Prakash ... From: Bholanath Bhargava [mailto:dr_bhargava@hotmail.com] Sent: Thursday, May 30, 2002 9:32 PM
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      Dear  Friends
      This is for your  perusal
      -Bharatendu Prakash
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      >From: "Bimal Krsna (das) BCS (Manor - UK)"
      >To: " Dr. Balmukund Bhala" , "anand vyas"
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      >Subject: Meeting with Home Secretary
      >Date: Wed, 29 May 2002 14:10 -0700
      >Meeting with Home Secretary
      >The Home secretary, Mr. David Blunkett, today (29/5/02) met
      >of three National Faith organisations - the national Council of
      >Temples (UK), Muslim Council of Britain and Network of Sikh
      Organisations -
      >to discuss the possible repercussions that could take place in
      Britain if a
      >war break out between India and Pakistan.
      >Those present expressed that they were against a war since it
      will be
      >disastrous for both countries. They would rather prefer a
      diplomatic method
      >of resolving the issue.
      >The national Council of Hindu Temples (UK) stressed to the Home
      >the concerns of Hindu community in Britain - safety of
      individuals, attacks
      >on business premises and places of worship etc. The Hindu
      community had
      >suffered greatly in 1992 and would not want have similar
      >The Home secretary replied that he had already notified the
      police in
      >Britain to be more vigilant especially near the places of
      worship. Mr.
      >Blunkett requested the Hindu community to identify problematic
      areas and
      >forward the information to the Home Office.
      >The Home Office will release the following joint statement
      >David Blunkett and leaders of the British South Asian communities
      >yesterday to discuss the effect on community relations in the UK
      of current
      >tension between India and Pakistan.
      >They called on British South Asian communities to remain calm and
      urged the
      >governments of India and Pakistan to respond to diplomatic
      pressure to
      >desist from war.
      >The meeting concluded that
      >"Everyone in UK has a duty to ensure that current tensions
      between India and
      >Pakistan do not upset normal good community relations between
      British South
      >Asian communities. We call upon all community leaders to take
      action local
      >tensions and urge restraint in, and between, their communities
      >their links with India or Pakistan"
      >Community leaders are to meet with the Foreign Secretary, Jack
      >tomorrow to continue their dialogue with Government
      >The meeting was attended by:
      >Mr. OM Prakash Sharma and Mr. Bimal Krishna das - the national
      Council of
      >Hindu Temples (UK).
      >Mr. Iqbal Sacranie, Cllr. Khan and Mr. Wasti - the Muslim Council
      of Britain
      >Mr. Inderjit Singh and Mr. Mohan Singh - Network of Sikh

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