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Some politically incorrect questions (and their answers)

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  • shaji john
    ========[indiathinkersnet]==== These are some questions that come to mind in the light of recent events. Will the India/Hindu (not RSS) bashing intellectuals
    Message 1 of 1 , May 31 3:37 AM
      These are some questions that come to mind in the light of recent events. Will the India/Hindu (not RSS) bashing 'intellectuals' respond?


      Some sample answers:

      Q: Sonia Gandhi has acquired Indian citizenship under section 5 of the Citizenship Act that decrees that the rights of such citizens will be strictly on a 'reciprocal' basis. Does Italy have the same laws as ours?

      As per the research of Frontline Magazine, Italian laws allow for naturalized citizens to become their heads of state. The excerpt from Frontline gives relevent information:

      "The first condition is that the applicant is not a citizen of any country where citizens of India are ''prevented by law or practice'' of that country from becoming citizens of that country by naturalisation. Frontline has confirmed after enquiry (see box) that in Italy, there are no such restrictions on Indians or other foreigners from becoming citizens by naturalisation. Unlike India, Italy does not impose any restriction on its citizens enjoying dual or even multiple citizenship. The only exce ptions are those provided by the Strasbourg Convention of May 6, 1963 on the reduction of double or multiple citizenship, which deals mostly with European countries. Nor does Italy restrict its high constitutional posts or any public office or elective p osition to natural-born citizens. Under the Italian Constitution and law, any person who has acquired Italian citizenship has the same rights as an Italian citizen by birth."


      Q: The recent election campaign saw constant reiteration of the Ahmedabad riots, with documentaries being screened in Bengal to revive memories of the horror. Secular activists went on an all India tour staging street corner plays on the Best Bakery episode to drive home their point. If in retaliation the opponents also showed footage of Godhra, Akshardham, Ghatkopar and the Gateway of India bomb blasts, would it have been acceptable?

      A: The difference between the approach of the Secular activists and those of the communally frenzied Hindutva mobs is that all the videos shown by the secular activists contain footage of both the Godhra training burning of Hindus as well as the subsequent Gujarat genocide of Muslims. The VHP goons show only the Godhra incident and not the subsequent genocide of Muslims that followed. This speaks to the ill intentions of the Hindutva Brigade in contrast to the consistent and balanced approach and attitude of the secular activists against all forms of violence. In short, while the secular activists show in a way so as to dissuade people from adopting or restoring to it, the Hindutva Brigade shows such videos to whip up more communal hatred.

      Q: No wonder there were no VIPs to pay their respects when the commando who was in coma after the Akshardham attack died a few days ago.

      A: The commando died under the rule of the BJP, which came to power on the basis of 'Hindu Pride' and in opposition to the secular parties. As such, I would assume that most of the VIPs (i.e. PM, Deputy PM, numerous Ministers etc) belonged to the BJP. If VIPs did not show up, it speaks about the disregard of the BJP toward such acts of bravery and patriotism by the commando. How can VIPs not showing up to pay homage to him be registered as a complaint against secularists?

      Q: Now that a secular government is in place in Delhi, would some of the anti-national and pro-Pakistani members of the Muslim community (mark the caveat: not all, but some Muslims) stop aiding and supporting agents and terrorists?

      A; What is the correlation between a "secular government" coming to power and "anti-national and pro-Pakistani members of the Muslim community" stopping their support for terrorists? Did the "anti-national members of the Hindu community" stop terrorizing the minorities once the Hindu nationalist government come to power? One can only hope that the colonel did not use such perverted logic while making key decisions in his military service.

      Q: Will we ever get people to testify against the arrested terrorists? Or did the bomb blasts in Mumbai, the attack on Akshardham and Parliament never happen? The Left and DMK have demanded scrapping of POTA. Has the terrorist threat to India ended so we do not need a stringent law like POTA? Is that the assessment of the intelligence agencies?

      A: The Left and DMK have demanded the scrapping of POTA because POTA was used overwhelmingly to persecute minorities and underpreviliged sections of the society rather than for prosecuting and pursuing terrorists. Perhaps the colonel should cut through the panic of his rhetoric and start examining some of the horrondus abuses of POTA; there he will find that children under 10-12 years have been arrested by the police under POTA, politicians have used POTA to arrest their political opponenets (Mayawati arresting Raja Bhaiyya, TDP arresting congress candidate Konda Surekha) as well as journalists who dared to write against them, all except one person booked under POTA in Gujarat were members of minorities. Does the colonel prefer special privileges and powers of the law enforcement over the mass abuse of the people whom these law enforcement agencies are supposed to protect?

      Q: The Left is also demanding an end to the special relationship with Israel. It is through this relationship that we are to get the Phalcon airborne systems (denied to China) that is necessary to deal with the Pakistani doctrine of nuclear 'first strike.' Whose interests would be served by this measure? We have received up to date surveillance devices and anti terrorist gear from Israel, which has had a salutary effect on infiltration across the Line of Control in Kashmir. Does the new government want to help the infiltrators?

      A: First of all, it was the BJP's chauvinistic policies of going nuclear without any provocation that got us into this mess. India had significant advantage in conventional warfare over Pakistan before the nuclear tests. With the tit-for-tat sequence of India and Pakistan going nuclear, all this advantage of conventional warfare was wiped out over-night. The left certainly cannot be blamed for this stupidity of the BJP. Today, we again have two options. One is to explore the possibility of peace between the two neighbors and the other is to take the route of more chauvinism and arm ourselves to teeth with more weapons. Pakistan will also follow the same route of arming itself to teeth with more weapons. Waging peace is better than fighting terrorism, if the first option is available to us.

      Q: India has been catching up with China on the economic front and emerging as its competitor. China receives ten times more foreign investment than India. Yet the Marxists want India to shut the door on foreign capital and drive it away to China. In 1962 when China attacked India, these very Communists supported it and blamed Nehru and India. Do the Marxists want to play the same game again, now on the economic front? Is the Congress aware of the Marxists' past and their loyalties to China?

      A: The colonel is suffering from the "My interest is the interest of the masses" syndrome. Why else does the colonel think that BJP, despite bringing in enormous foreign capital and foreign exchange, got ousted from power in such a humiliating fashion? What good is the "foreign capital" that only adds to the further servitute of the impoverished masses of India at the hands of foreign corporations? Does the colonel want to support economic oppression of Indian masses at the hands of foreign corporation by diverting the discussion away from the equatable distribution of wealth through attacks on the loyalties of the communist parties?

      Q: There is a law in some states where using casteist abuse against Dalits is a criminal offence, but similar abuse against the so-called forward castes is not. Repeated rhetoric against the so-called forward castes is permitted by the law and extolled as 'progressive.' Is this not absurd?

      A: The law against the "castist abuse against Dalit" is there because in the history of India, the upper castes had monopolized the function of abusing Dalits and this monopoly needs to be broken. If the colonel had studied the theory of state, he would know that the breaking of monopolies features as a prominent function of the state. If and when this socially asymmetric tradition of castist abuse of Dalits at the hands of upper castes (citing religion and tradition) disappears, this specific law can also be discarded. In the meanwhile, a specific law against Dalits abusing upper castes, will be grabbed by the upper castes to tune up and amplify further abuse and oppression against Dalits. It should be noted that defamation laws already exist in the Indian constitution that protect the dignity of every citizen of the country. What historical context mandates that upper castes require a special and privileged law specifically to protect them from abuse by Dalits and others?

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