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Formulae doing CSMMU 'rounds'

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  • Shaji John K
    Formulae doing CSMMU rounds TIMES NEWS NETWORK[ SATURDAY, JULY 19, 2003 01:59:47 AM ] LUCKNOW: With the state government mounting pressure for the strict
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      Formulae doing CSMMU 'rounds'

      TIMES NEWS NETWORK[ SATURDAY, JULY 19, 2003 01:59:47 AM ]

      LUCKNOW: With the state government mounting pressure for the strict
      implementation of the ban on private practice, faculty members of the
      Chhatrapati Shahuji Maharaj Medical University (CSMMU) are on the

      With no platform such as a teachers' association and with no elected
      representatives in the Executive Council who can voice their views,
      they are a worried lot. Even as personal rivalries have kept them
      divided in the past, this time round, they are putting up a united
      opposition to the GO.

      However, with no clear leader emerging, efforts are on to convince
      the CSMMU pro-vice-chancellor Prof OP Singh to take on the mantle of
      leader, as he has in the past, spoken for the community on various
      issues, including the current issue of the ban on private practice.

      The various formulae offering solutions to the problem, are as

      Formula 1: Private nursing homes in the city thrive on the expertise
      of CSMMU faculty members. The key difference is that they offer
      better infrastructural facilities. If similar facilities are provided
      at CSMMU, patients would automatically stop visiting these nursing

      The CSMMU Executive Council passed a resolution for the setting-up of
      deluxe and super-deluxe wards in the hospital, in December 2002,
      wherein the medical staff would get their share of the profits from
      such a venture.

      However, such a venture would require a huge investment. For this,
      instead of seeking help from the government, private practice should
      be allowed and faculty members asked to contribute substantial
      amounts towards this venture. Once such an arrangement is complete,
      private practice should be banned.

      Formula 2: A voluntary retirement scheme for 'senior' faculty members
      who have established private practices, should be floated. This
      should be coupled with a hike in pay-packets, bringing them at par
      with those of SGPGIMS, to deter the younger doctors from taking to
      private practice. For the 50-55 per cent 'middle rung' faculty
      members, a 'carrot-and-stick' policy would be optimum.

      Formula 3: If the state government refuses to approve enhanced pay
      scales, the university could generate its own resources by requesting
      the state government to allow a 15 per cent 'management quota' in
      admissions. Furthermore, schemes with adequate returns for the non-
      resident Indian alumni should be floated.
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