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9511Urban Rules of Untouchabilities and Other Stories

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  • shaji
    Dec 19, 2010
      NewGoals for Planning

      Following the Planning Commission's meeting
      with tribal communities in Dandakaranya, V. B. Chandrasekaran writes
      to the members pointing to the need for different model of
      development and a different set of goals from the


      AdivasiIntellectuals Revitalizing Indian Democracy

      Tehelka Magazine, Vol 7, Issue 49, Dated December 11, 2010.

      G. Vishnu presents the story ofsome key intellectuals among Indian Adivasis who are perhaps doingmore to push and revitalize Indian democracy than many amongst uswith government position, chairs or awards.


      Urban Rules of Untouchability

      There is a polite silence aroundexclusion based on caste that happens in the cities. We trace the unstated rules through which it operates. By Nisary Mahesh and Asha Menon