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14131RE: [FMCMotorCoach] Re: FRONT END DANCES

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  • Len Barron
    Nov 30, 2017
      Old soft rear torsion bars and bad overall weight distribution are the big hitters to overcome; but first you’ll need to make sure all your wear parts (balljoints, steering link joints and bushings, steering gearbox, shocks and spring bushings) are all up to snuff first and that you have proper tire inflation and a good alignment (if your rear end is sagging that can be a challenge).
      Rear air bags are the best fix for the weight distribution issue, but, it requires a lot of fabrication labor/material cost to do properly.
      Installation of a “Safe-T-Plus” (google it) up front will help tremendously as well.
      My coach handles great even with my scooter/lift on the rear (450lbs tongue weight), I run 80psi in the rear bags and maybe 30psi in the fronts, I never bother with having more than 5-10gal of fresh water while on the road (just enough to use toilet and make a quick lunch while traveling) and I removed the front steel plates(140lbs) that a previous owner installed behind the front bumper and moved my spare tire up front. With a full tank of fuel my rear axle weight is 10140lbs and front is 5060lbs. Left side is 7700lbs, Right side is 7500lbs.
      Getting your coach weighed will give you a good insight as to what you’re up against.

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      Steering may be number 2 on the list.  With Brakes or the absence of them my guess for one.


      Please delete if inappropriate.

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      This subject has been discussed with solution suggestions many times on this and the FMC Owners website."steering" would be a suitable "noun" to use in the SEARCH CONVERSATIONS at the top of the page.
      How long have you had your FMC and what "number" is it ? Steer ON ! Lou #120
      ps: see recent PHOTO of Jim Black RVS "letter" about FMC Steering.

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