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  • coooly32
    Nov 30, 2017
      HI duane
        I'm not sure what your coach number is, If its a late coach the front suspension is able to make relatively roadworthy, If its a early coach your going to have to make some changes to make it right, The front end geometry is way off on those coaches,  When the wheel goes up and down the toe in and out can't change,If it does the vehicle is going to dart all over the road.... on those coaches it does and its a inherited to the design,  Yes there is a youtube video that clearly shows this, nothing you ever do will ever do will fix this without modification to the steering link system,  adding weight to the front end is just a bandaid.  all your doing is trying to stop the suspension from working ,slowing down the bump steer.   I have spent 2 weeks making every conceivable alignment change to my coach #809, test driving in between even slight changes...of course after replacing all components,  I have arrived upon a setup that drives perfect, with water or without water in the front tanks,  by the way my coach had all those adjustments and parts from that place in Illinois, 6,000.00 I guess.  it was not even close.  by the way as far as weight on the rear, 809 has a  5.9 cummins for power so theres some added weight back there. 

      steve c
      809  az.

      ---In FMCMotorCoach@yahoogroups.com, <speyrod@...> wrote :

      Hey Folks; 

           I drove about 500 miles today and there were times that my unit danced all over the highway.  Over the years, I have made all sorts of adjustments to the front end.  I was simply too cheap to hire those folks in Illinois to do a $7000 adjustment.  For me, this is the only thing that prevents me from truly enjoying my coach.  

           If anyone else has had this problem, I would appreciate any information, instructions and directions on how to address this annoying issue.  

      Duane Bryant  336-259-7801
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