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RE: UL: Re: FAA UL power point presentation (long)

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  • Gary Orpe
    ... Thanks Mark now I m with ya. Gary
    Message 1 of 59 , Jun 1, 2002
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      Gary wrote:
      >+> I know I'm new here and stupid to boot, but just what is a
      >+> Quick-alike??? -:)
      >+> Gary
      >+Mark Smith
      >+Tri-State Kite Sales http://www.trikite.com
      >+1121 N Locust St
      >+Mt Vernon, IN 47620 mailto:mark@...

      Thanks Mark now I'm with ya.

    • rickpitcher
      ... Actually, door height wouldn t be an issue.Wouldn t need strut bracing or king post... that baby s cantilevered! Rick P.
      Message 59 of 59 , Jun 2, 2002
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        --- In FLY-UL@y..., "Gary Orpe" <garyo@b...> wrote:
        > For a door that size you wouldn't need a door knob, just a zipper.

        Actually, door height wouldn't be an issue.Wouldn't need strut bracing
        or king post... that baby's cantilevered!

        Rick P.
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