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139Fw: Global Day of Prayer 5/13-5/23/10

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  • biao chen
    May 14 5:14 AM
    Dear brothers and sisters in Christ who live in Florida

    let us join together in this global day of prayer in churches, homes by His Spirit in the Pattern of Lord Jesus told us how to pray!
    Rev. Biao Chen heavenly minded & earthly engaged
    Pastor of Orlando Chinese Evangelical Christian Church,
    2610 US 17-92, Casselberry, FL 32707
    www.ocecc.org,407-331-1477 (O), 407-416-6572 (M)

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    Subject: Global Day of Prayer 5/13-5/23/10


    2010 Global Day of Prayer:
    1)10 Days of Constant Prayer 5/13-5/22/10 Saturday (see 10 Day Prayer Guide)
    2) 1 Day-Global Day of Prayer 5/23/10 Sunday (see 10-Day prayer Guide)
    3) 90 Days of Blessing: 5/24/10--8/21/10

    Attached please:
    1) 10-Day Prayer Guide in English --Word File (13 pages)
    2) 10-Day Prayer Guide in Chinese--PDF file (15 pages)
    3) Chinese flyer (pdf) for 5/23/10 Temple City, CA gathering for prayer by Chinese churches
     5/23 Sunday 2:00-4:00pm, 9664 Las Tunas Dr. in the park (bilingual)
       (see below note in Chinese from the organizer) Please bring water & hat.
    2010 全球禱告日
    十日禱告手冊--英文 5/13-5/23/10

    Metawake Revival & Evangelism
    PO Box 3371, Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91729-3371