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128FW: GB Chairman/president

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  • Geoffrey Yong
    Nov 13 10:06 AM
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      Hi Chuck  & Harris ,
      Praise God for providing Antony to fill in the position as Chairman. I need to seek your advice as to make the following statement. "It is a two year term but subject to the review by Pastor Yong as the end of the first year."
      I look forward to your advice.
      Christ is All,
      Pastor Geoffrey Yong

      Date: Fri, 13 Nov 2009 12:23:47 -0500
      Subject: GB responsibility
      From: antonycheng1@...
      To: geof_yong@...

      Pastor Yong

      I will be honored to serve in any position that you will assign.  I spoke and prayed with my wife about this responsibility last night and received her support in making this decision. I understand that I am the least qualified member among the board but with prayer and the guidance of the Holy Spirit I hope to do my best to serve our congregation.

      It is sad to see how the current board is divided with disagreement on different issues. I will serve with an open mind to hear everyone’s concerns and to receive his/her suggestions with respect.

      As I look at some of the issues we went over on Wednesday, I found the disagreements are more on the procedures and approaches to the problems/suggestion than conflict to the Biblical teaching. Sometime compromise need to be reached to achieve harmony and unity. Try to get 100% agreement from everyone every time is nearly impossible.

      Reading the latest e-mail sent by Victor Lau about selecting the President of GB. He has suggested a 2-year term for the position which is differ from your set agenda for 1-year term. If this becomes another debate issue on Saturday, my prayer is to seek unity and to rephrase it. I have no problem to stop down at anytime at the request of the board. My suggestion is to set a maximum term of 2 years with decision from the board to make any changes when necessary.

      It is never easy when dealing with people. I pray that 2010 will be a better year.
      God Bless.

      Antony Cheng
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