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125Previous hosts and future hosts for FL-Lakeyale Retreat [Information]

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  • biao chen
    Mar 27, 2009

      Dear co-labors in Christ at FL

      I have been asked (out of nowhere) to see what is the order various churches would host future Lake Yale retreat.  According to memory here the list I could come out, and projection for future hosts  

      2004   Jacksonville           Yuan Zhimin

      2005  Tallahassee :           Rev Stephen Chan

      2006  Tampa CMA:         Rev Tongsu Liu

      2007  West Palm:             Elder Yu   Hongjie        

      2008    Orlando Evangel.   Rev Rao/Elder Huang; Steven Um/Kim      

      2009    Gainesville             Rev. Dingwu Lee/Elder Xiaoshi Huang

      2010    Jacksonville            ?

      2011    Tallahassee             ?

      2012    Tampa CMA           ?

      2013    West Palm               ?

      2014    Orlando Evangel.    ?

      Just by our previous experience and agreement, it would be much better to find the speakers earlier (at least 2-3 years) and communicate to all participation churches. 

      Pastor Biao Chen
      Rev. Biao Chen heavenly minded & earthly engaged
      Pastor of Orlando Chinese Evangelical Christian Church,
      2610 US 17-92, Casselberry, FL 32707
      www.ocecc.org,407-331-1477 (O), 407-416-6572 (M)