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Re: [FL-CCA] Help needed for Lake Yale 2009

  • chitang li
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      Dear Brother Hua-Bei,
      How do you want us to help? As individual: you church will coordinate the event/activity and we just have our brothers and sisters to volunteer to help out; or as a Church to coordinate and take care of the whole event/activity?
      Chitang Li
      Melbourne Chinese Christian and Missionary Alliance Church

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      Subject: [FL-CCA] Help needed for Lake Yale 2009

      Dear church leaders/co-workers,


      Greetings in Christ!


      As we just started to prepare for Lake Yale 2009 as the hosting church ( Gainesville ), we found that we need help from other brother churches for taking care of the following activities:


      1)     Night desert (宵夜)

      2)     Book exhibit (书展)

      3)     Activities/Sports (活动)


      Please email me at your earliest convenience if your church can help for one of the above items.


      Many thanks.


      In His Love,

      Huabei Jiang (蒋华北)

      General Coordinator of Lake Yale Conference 09.

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