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  • Gino, Thanks for making the photos available again. The one for Cayadutta Street in Gloversville was apparently taken whenever the 1929 Chandler was announced, for that fact is heralded on the sign over the dealership door. I suspect that the others were taken around that time. What struck me was how little things seemed to change from then until the late 50s, say 1959. Then...
    Glenn J. Williams Sep 14, 2004
  • --- In FJGRailroad@^$1, "paul larner" wrote: > Can you believe he is a member of > the political party that is trying to > eliminate his job? > > PKL Quite easily! Glenn
    Glenn J. Williams Aug 13, 2004
  • I would like to thank Gino and Paul Larner for the effort involved in creating the guidebook we each received upon arrival. As has been mentioned before, without a booklet such as this, you wouldn't know that a railroad had been there, so complete has been its removal. The walk of the ROW proved once again how quickly nature takes over without someone to keep things pruned and...
    Glenn J. Williams Aug 10, 2004
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  • --- In FJGRailroad@^$1, "Walt Danylak" wrote: > Found this message in the Interurban Yahoo Group: > > The Bullet cars were sort of an > anomaly on the Bamberger. They > received celebrity status but > were used sporadically due to > capacity restraints. > [snip] > Walt Back in the late 1950s, our next door neighbour was originally from Salt Lake City. She recalled commuting to...
    Glenn J. Williams Jul 18, 2004
  • --- In FJGRailroad@^$1, Gino DiCarlo wrote: > Check out this link to an awesome FJ&G shot!!! > [snip] > http://www.drydentidbits.com/rr-photo/FJ&G21.jpg > > Visit Gino's Railpages at > > http://www.ginosrailpage.com > http://fjgrr.org Gino, Yes, that is a great shot. And the 21 still carried her marker lights, too. Glenn
    Glenn J. Williams Jul 14, 2004
  • --- In FJGRailroad@^$1, "Dicarlo, Gino" wrote: > Hi guys, > > I've posted some shots that are > like a companion to the ROW pictures. > [snip] > Gino > Gino, Those are *great* shots! Everyone seemed to have their own coal company, didn't they? Question: where was the Spanish American Leather building located? At first glance, it looks like the Electric Division carbarn in...
    Glenn J. Williams Jul 9, 2004
  • --- In FJGRailroad@^$1, "Walt Danylak" wrote: > Thanks Gino for the Fonda page > on the FJ&G website, it's great! > Did anyone notice that on page 1, > near the bottom, photo reference #353, > that the lead NYC locomotive is an > Alco PA1, #4206. Usually PA1s were > used in passenger service, but I > assume this photo was taken in the > late 50s or early 60s, after they > were...
    Glenn J. Williams Jun 27, 2004
  • --- In FJGRailroad@^$1, Paul Charland wrote: > Hi Glenn, > > Are you talking about this type of diner: > > http://www.italiaumts.it/pf/plus/modelli3d/img/DINER.JPG > > http://www.scrubbles.net/trips/eastvalley/diner.jpg > > http://www.starterwebsites.com/demo/interactive/diner.jpg > > Paul :-) Paul, If memory serves, it was closest to the first link. The second link is busted, and...
    Glenn J. Williams Jun 22, 2004
  • --- In FJGRailroad@^$1, Paul Charland wrote: > Hi All, > > Just wondering if anyone knows the color of all those NYC style > toolhouses that are all over the FJ&G. > > Paul :-) Paul, At the time I saw them, they had no paint at all, and the wood had weathered to a dirty grey colour. Glenn
    Glenn J. Williams Jun 21, 2004
  • --- In FJGRailroad@^$1, Paul Charland wrote: > Hi All, > > Hands' Lunch Diner in Fonda... anyone > have a picture of it? I'm down to > four structures for "Virtual Fonda > and this is the only one I have no > information on. > > Paul :-) Paul, Hands' Lunch Diner is one structure that I don't have a picture of. As I recall, it looked like a typical diner modeled after a short...
    Glenn J. Williams Jun 21, 2004