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NYC Interchange

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  • paul larner
    Concerning the NYC interchange with the FJ&G. You could all be correct as it is necessary to ask what year. I know nothing of the later years as I wasn t
    Message 1 of 1 , May 5, 2004
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      Concerning the NYC interchange with the FJ&G. You could all be correct as
      it is necessary to ask what year. I know nothing of the later years as I
      wasn't around but in the period I was there and watching, late fifties and
      early sixties, it was trains going "through" which handled the interchange.
      Through from where to where would depend on the machinations of the NYC
      planners and the way they mixed their train consists. A local, not
      necessarily in the sense that the train switched along its route, but again,
      yes possibly, though not likely. Did the cars get dropped at Amsterdam then
      brought to Fonda on the switcher - not that I recall. From a practical
      standpoint it doesn't make sense if the interchange was reasonably large and
      regular. There are cases when the FJ&G would get interchange from a second
      train in either direction when traffic warranted and occasionally, on
      request, the NYC would stop a through train to pick up hot cars (eg. Knox).
      When the pigs started running they too were handled with a second pickup, if
      necessary. I spent all Monday evening looking for something more specific,
      I think I have something somewhere and know I was told how the jobs worked
      by one of the oldtimers here, that is even older than I, who had worked the
      Mohawk (only a couple of guys went back into the sixties).

      My recollection was there were locals from Scotia and Amsterdam that worked
      in the area at one time or another. I recall the Central at one time kept a
      few cabooses in the yard at Fonda. There wasn't much business at Fonda that
      I recall - the freight house and team track, the coal company at the west
      end and a lumber dealer(?). Probably others, they just never caught my

      Perhaps someone from the NYC group can tell the evolution or rather the
      devolution of service to Fonda. Does anyone recall thaat the Central once
      kept a switcher at Yosts; now this seems unreal and I don't know why that
      thought comes to mind. Imagine all the local work existing at all those
      towns along the valley before the trucks started to take the small lots.

      When the FJ&G was providing a New York City/Gloversville sleeper to the
      Central and vice versa at Fonda, someone had to be there to switch it from
      train to train. The Central had water at Fonda from early on but I don't
      know whether there was fuel there in the "early years."


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      >That's where I thought the service came from, Rotterdam Jct.
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      >I know after a period of time our cars were then being dropped off at
      >Amsterdam from the mainline trains,then brought to Fonda with the local.
      >Then I believe they changed again by having the mainline trains dropping
      >everything off at Rotterdam Jct.Then their local dropped off and
      >serviced the Amsterdam area and then brought our cars into Fonda.Maybe
      >someone else can be certain on this.Somebody mention the scales in
      >Fonda. We use to have to weigh all Martin Lumber cars going out.Another
      >task in our job.Mark
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