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Re: [FJGRailroad] From the Archives

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    Thanks Joe-Mark
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      Thanks Joe-Mark
    • Charles Vosburgh
      Joe; I found a unit #3715-3745 listed as a CN class MR-18d MLW, RS-18 built in 1958. Railroad Magazine put out a book called Diesel Locomotive Rosters many
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        Joe;  I found a unit #3715-3745 listed as a CN class MR-18d MLW, RS-18 built in 1958.  Railroad Magazine put out a book called Diesel Locomotive Rosters many years ago from the pages of their magazine stories.  No publication date was found in the book but was printed by Wayner Publications in NYC.  CP had no 3700 # Diesels.  Hope this helps.  Charlie 
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        I have been moving a lot of stuff around in the archives and came across possibly the first instance of recording my early railfan adventures.
        This was a long time ago but if someone has a CP or CN loco roster, maybe you can tell me what I was looking at.....in fact I don't remember if it was a CN or CP unit, although I think the latter
        August 24, 1976
        Unit number 3740 MR-18d Pt. Claire Ontario. 1st spur south of the grade crossing across from the Holiday Inn.
        This was a dead end spur and the crew performed a flying switch to get a boxcar spotted.
        I also spotted a MR 18c number 3693.
        So here is my question. What was I looking at and where was this branch and does it still exist ?

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