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  • joseph Klapkowski
    Okay this has next to nothing to do with the FJ&G list and little to do with the Hudson river list and a big piece has nothing to do with any of the lists But
    Message 1 of 37 , Dec 31, 2003
      Okay this has next to nothing to do with the FJ&G list and little to do
      with the Hudson river list and a big piece has nothing to do with any of the
      lists But I am posting it Because I thought maybe a slight change of pace
      for the lists would be nice and it is of regional interest.....sorry no FJ&G

      So without any further delay it ios another editiobn of From the

      Back in 1986 I was single and traveled great distances to see different
      railroads. One trip was to see the VTR. At the time I kept a spotters book.
      What follows are the relavent passages.........
      6-22-86 Suffern, N.Y.

      CR 7723 GP-38 Blt 7/69 S/N 35352
      Cab 18665 Blt 6/46 ex LV 95047
      CR 7898 GP-38 S/N 36957 Blt 2/71
      Cab 23169 N5C
      Ex PC blt 7/42

      Also in the yard were U34CH s 4174, 4157, 4153 and 4160 the latter in Disco
      Later that afternoon i did the obligatory driveby in the wesy yard and saw
      the 9532 and 9508 with cab 21113........over in the east yard in burnt out
      condition were D&H 41 and 42.

      Up in Albany.................

      On 6/29/86 I saw D&H 5001 off of Erie Blvd...I chased him up through Menands
      at Simmons lane asnd then side tracked to The Waterveliet Arsenal. Y\There
      looking throught her gate I could see US Army boxcars 25601, 25607 and
      25578....anybody got an equipment register??????????????

      Also present were D&H baggage 483 and GE 44 tonner 1636.

      Later in the day at Ft. Edward (or so says my book I suspect I was actually
      at Mechanicville) I saw D&H 7319.
      D&H 413, B&M 201 along with cabs B&M 410, 498, 415 and 465, 201.

      On 6/30/86 I awoke in Rutland on the VTR.

      Drove to Montpielier Junction...then went over to Springfil\eld Vermont
      where I concluded that the Springfield Terminal no longer wwebnt accross the
      bridge to New Hampshire. I stopped at the office to ask about operations and
      discovered that they were using a trackmobile and that the 44 tonner had
      long since left the property. I had also missed the trackmobile movenment
      for the day.

      Next stop Belloqws falls where I sawGMRC #401 in the yard. I also saw #400
      S/N 75839, Blt 5/48.

      At East Wallingford I cuaght up with #405 S/N 79575 blt 11/51 with cab # 50.
      I chased this train over the mountain and shot him a number of times and was
      surprised to see him stop a couple miles from Rutland to use a lineside
      phone to call into the dispatcher obtaining permission to enter the yard. I
      do remember all this time later I remenber standing on the si9de of the main
      drag inRutland waiting for the train to arrive. I went into a deli (NY for
      convenience store) and got a coke which i quickly consummed. It must have
      been around 90 degrees that day. The sweat was salty on my arms and finally
      the train came. If you have a copy of Shaughnessy's Rutland road look at the
      Photo on page 214. I shot the 405 standing pretty much aside the switch
      stand along the fourth car in the train. My phioto is along trackside with
      the 405 inja classic 3/4 wedge shot with Blue Blue clouds and big white
      puffy clouds. The third phone pole on the left hand side of the Shaughnessy
      photo is just above the cab of the 405 in my shot. I remember the day
      well.......it was perfect.

      And that would have been a great day in itself.....but wait there's

      Over at Rutland I saw # 502 SW -1500 with Flexicoil trucks.....I spoke with
      a couple of folks at the shop and they told me that the 502 had hit a cow at
      Pittsford. I also learned there was a late afternoon departure for the
      interchange at Whitehall and took some time to grab fast food........

      Then I went back to the yard where i sawGP-20 801 leading GP-40 201 the Jay
      Wolfson, I shot the train at Rutland and then again at a spot off the
      highway (rt 3?) looking down the embankmanrt as the nose came out of the
      brush and crossed a highway. tbhe next shot was a creek with 201 framed
      between the trees.

      I cuaght him again at the bridge over the canal at Whitehall with a perfect
      mirror image in the water.

      I was gonna tell a lot more detailed story here ( That story is what started
      me writing this. I found the train order first and then dug out the photos
      and the book etc).......... Aftyer chatting with the crew and getting a
      whole bvunch of Train Orders, I went over to Whitehall where in the dusk i
      saw SC-3 with BM GP-38 #200, DH C-420 #416, and DH C-424 #456.

      I assume That i spent the nighgt at my how\me away from M\home in johnstown
      Ny bvecause the bnext entry is Utica on 7/1 and Sangerfield on 7/2 folowed
      by Binghamton..........OH wait soemthing for the FJ&G list.....

      At the NYSW in Binghamton is FJ&G ala DO 100 stored for parts ...... I then
      went home via Port Jervis and Middletown...............

      And that is it "From the Archives" that odd bit of Railfan trivia that makes
      them ask, Is this guy a nut or what?

      Happy New Year all !

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    • Charles Vosburgh
      Joe; I found a unit #3715-3745 listed as a CN class MR-18d MLW, RS-18 built in 1958. Railroad Magazine put out a book called Diesel Locomotive Rosters many
      Message 37 of 37 , Aug 12, 2009
        Joe;  I found a unit #3715-3745 listed as a CN class MR-18d MLW, RS-18 built in 1958.  Railroad Magazine put out a book called Diesel Locomotive Rosters many years ago from the pages of their magazine stories.  No publication date was found in the book but was printed by Wayner Publications in NYC.  CP had no 3700 # Diesels.  Hope this helps.  Charlie 
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        Subject: [FJGRailroad] From the Archives


        I have been moving a lot of stuff around in the archives and came across possibly the first instance of recording my early railfan adventures.
        This was a long time ago but if someone has a CP or CN loco roster, maybe you can tell me what I was looking at.....in fact I don't remember if it was a CN or CP unit, although I think the latter
        August 24, 1976
        Unit number 3740 MR-18d Pt. Claire Ontario. 1st spur south of the grade crossing across from the Holiday Inn.
        This was a dead end spur and the crew performed a flying switch to get a boxcar spotted.
        I also spotted a MR 18c number 3693.
        So here is my question. What was I looking at and where was this branch and does it still exist ?

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