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Re: [FJGRailroad] CR caboose at Amsterdam

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  • Stephen G. Myers
    We still use the caboose as a switching platform to go up the hill. The inside is destroyed and you can t get in, thus we only use the ends as platforms so it
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 19, 2003
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      We still use the caboose as a switching platform to go up the hill. The
      inside is destroyed and you can't get in, thus we only use the ends as
      platforms so it stays in Kellog yard. We had to rerail it this past
      winter. We are going to paint our Kershaw, wreck crane pea green soon.

      Steve Myers


      > What caboose are you talking about? The one I'm referring to was
      > a beat to crap ex-Conrail caboose that got pushed right off of the
      > ROW. CSX workers were there scratching their heads trying to
      > figure how to get it back on track without it tumbling down the
      > hill. They back in to that job so they can come out head first.
      > They sure do get service there, at least once a week!
      > The trestle I'm referring to was not a bridge. It went up at about
      > an angle and came to an end. I just assumed it was for
      > coal. There used to be some other wooden trestles and what-not
      > over there. By the time I went to take pictures of it, it was
      > gone!
      > Speaking of that FJ&G ROW near Hoffman's, I used to drive up Route
      > 5
      > every day and saw culverts and wondered why they were out in the
      > woods like that! It never occurred to me it was the FJG until I
      > talked to someone who knew the area. This person used to own a
      > garage
      > that was at the former substation. I don't know what's there now,
      > but it used to be a chain link fence that you could just climb
      > over.
      > He also told me to visit the old substation anytime, just mention
      > that you are a fan of the FJ&G. I'm not sure if that works with
      > dogs
      > though...
      > Gino
      > Gino
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      > From: Gerald Snyder [mailto:handyman756@...]
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      > Subject: [FJGRailroad] AC&N, Washout Road
      > I go up and down Rt. 5 every day to work and have been
      > looking at that caboose now for at least a year trying
      > to figure out why it's sitting there. Figure it has
      > to get in the way anytime something comes or goes over
      > the AC&N (which probably isn't very often). It looked
      > to be in decent shape when it was first parked there
      > but has deteriorated with the help of the local
      > vandals. Back in the early 70's I had a summer job
      > working for Bayshore Industries (a sweatshop) in one
      > of the old Willow Street mills. We used to help load
      > some of the boxcars that screwed up the traffic at the
      > five corners.
      > I think the trestle you're refering to was the one
      > just up Forest Avenue from Church Street (by the paper
      > plant). I don't remember a coaling trestle there, but
      > it carried the AC&N over to the west side of the
      > Chuctenunda Creek. From there it followed the creek
      > to the upper mill powerhouse, roughly parallel to
      > Locust Ave. but down at the bottom of the hill. What's
      > left of the powerhouse is visible looking down the
      > embankment from the top of Lyon Street. Looks like
      > some of the track may still be down there.
      > Been reading with interest the items about the line to
      > Schenectady and the substations. I checked out the
      > Washout Road area today and there are gates across the
      > old ROW just past the underpass, so couldn't get in to
      > see if there are any structures left in there. For
      > years I'd wondered what the flat areas were off
      > through the woods that you can see on the North side
      > of Rt. 5 (show up well when the leaves are down and
      > after a light snow) and it finally dawned on me last
      > year that it was the old roadbed. I also spotted some
      > old bridge abutments back in at the Verf Kill (state
      > historic marker) but haven't been able to match up any
      > of the 1928 valuation file photos to that bridge.
      > Anybody know anything about it? Anyway, since I
      > couldn't get in to see if there were any remains of
      > the Washout substation, I pulled up some satellite
      > photos of the area. With a 1 meter resolution you can
      > see that there are a lot of structures back in there,
      > but I'm not sure just where to be looking. One of the
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